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Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Pipeliners Podcast

On November 14, 2017, EnerSys CEO Russel Treat launched the Pipeliners Podcast, a weekly podcast designed to provide information and insight on pipeline industry topics for pipeline professionals.

Now, the Pipeliners Podcast has reached the milestone marker of 100 episodes — all hosted by Russel Treat.

Along the way, numerous pipeline topics have been covered with outstanding guests. Topics have included pipeline safety, inline inspection, leak detection, control room management, alarming, IoT, SCADA and HMI, data integrity, state and federal regulations, and more.

Also, the podcast has grown from topical discussion for pipeline professionals to being used in training and instruction by pipeline operators and companies. The podcast’s inclusion in training materials is a direct result of the insight provided by each weekly guest on the podcast.

EnerSys Episodes on the Pipeliners Podcast

Russel Treat is not the only voice from EnerSys that appeared in the first 100 episodes of the Pipeliners Podcast.

EnerSys employees Ross Adams, Scott Williams, and Philip Jones also appeared on the podcast providing their insight on control room management, data analytics, and high-performance HMI topics.

EnerSys Proud to Sponsor Podcast

To further highlight our company’s support of the Pipeliners Podcast, we sponsored 28 of the first 100 episodes.

As the inaugural sponsor of the podcast, we recognized the importance of providing resources to this valuable source of pipeline industry information and insight. We wanted to do our part helping pipeline professionals grow in their role and contribute to safe operations.

We are proud to continue our sponsorship of the Pipeliners Podcast beyond Episode #100. We also look forward to supporting Russel Treat on the journey to the next milestone marker for the podcast!

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