Pipeliners Podcast hosted by EnerSys CEO Russel Treat reaches 200 episodes

Pipeliners Podcast: 200 Episodes and Our Company’s Q4 Sponsorship

In November 2017, EnerSys CEO Russel Treat launched the Pipeliners Podcast to provide education to the pipeline industry through conversations with leading subject matter experts in their particular domain of expertise.

The goal of the podcast was to bring the types of conversations that take place at conferences and trade shows to a broader audience to support knowledge transfer across the industry. This is incredibly important as the workforce continues to shift and welcome aboard younger professionals that need to be armed with information about the industry.

Four years later, the Pipeliners Podcast reached a remarkable milestone of 200 episodes. The 200th episode included Russel’s reflections on the growth of the podcast, highlights of key guests that have contributed to the podcast, and a recap of the numerous subjects covered in the pipeline space.

Specific to the pipeline control room, Russel has covered several pertinent topics supporting control room managers, controllers, regulatory leaders, and SCADA professionals over the past four years:

We encourage you to check out the episodes linked above to find valuable information and insight provided by members of the EnerSys team to support your role in the pipeline control room.

Additionally, we are eager to share that EnerSys is sponsoring the Fourth Quarter 2021 podcast episodes. EnerSys was the inaugural sponsor of the Pipeliners Podcast, and this is now our third time sponsoring the podcast.

EnerSys Sponsorship of the Pipeliners Podcast

During Q4-2021, members of the EnerSys team will be featured guests on the podcast. Russel will be talking to our team about topics that include SCADA integration and the latest developments in pipeline control room management.

Additional episodes during the quarter will focus on the PHMSA enforcement process and other topics that control room professionals will find valuable to support their role in pipeline operations.

We continue to sponsor and participate in the podcast because we believe in the power of spoken conversations that share knowledge, experience, and information with pipeliners throughout the U.S. and across the world.

We support Russel’s vision to capture information that is valuable to pipeline operators and educate the industry to support continuous improvement. Because of this consistent approach, the podcast has truly made an impact on pipeline operations and the control room since its inception in 2017.

– If you currently do not subscribe to the podcast, then visit the Pipeliners Podcast website to find out how to add the podcast feed to your smartphone or other connected device.

– We also recommend that you connect with Russel Treat on LinkedIn about control room topics that you would like to learn more about or hear discussed.

The podcast has just scratched the surface of control room management topics to cover in its first 200 episodes. We look forward to continuing to support the advancement of industry knowledge through our company’s steady involvement.