Poems Approach

POEMS v1.3 Now Supports Alarm Management on the Wonderware SCADA Platform


June 1, 2016 – HOUSTON — EnerSys Corporation, the industry leader in turn-key High Performance control room solutions for pipeline & midstream operations, is pleased to announce the release of POEMS v1.3.

This latest release v1.3 includes new features and enhancements for the software in the Alarm Management Suite (ALMgr), support the WonderWare SCADA platform:

  • Connecting to ClearSCADA and WonderWare SCADA systems to receive alarm history
  • Importing ClearSCADA and WonderWare DB configurations
  • Processing alarms from a ClearSCADA and WonderWare alarm database
  • Importing/exporting alarm rationalization into an Excel compatible format

The Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System (POEMS™) CRM Suite consists of the POEMS Platform, the Control Room Management Suite, and the Alarm Management Suite.