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POEMS Approach – Implement Part 5

Implement | Part 5

Adequate Information

API RP 1165, Recommended Practice for Pipeline SCADA Displays is incorporated by reference in 49 CFR 192.631 (c) (1) and 49 CFR 195.446 (c) (1) as the minimum federal safety standard for operators to provide adequate information for controllers. It uses best practices in presenting how the HMI screens and information should be displayed and how alarms should be shown.

The HMI screens in the client’s current SCADA system may need to be upgraded to the latest high-performance graphics to meet the requirements of the adequate information portion of the CRM rule. This will require more than just removing the color and changing a few graphical components and animations.

High-Performance HMI Philosophy and Style Guide

A high-performance HMI must provide clear, easy-to-visualize situational awareness, include operator tools specific to pipeline control room operation and integrate alarm management. In many cases, the cost to modify existing screens is more expensive and time consuming than just replacing the SCADA system with a high-performance HMI and SCADA system.

The High-Performance HMI process began with the High-Performance HMI Orientation conducted during the Assessment phase. This half-day session was attended by operations and management to understand and set the objectives of the HMI process and how it impacts the control room environment.

The next step is a High-Performance HMI Workshop. This interactive workshop is designed explain in more detail the “why” and human factors science behind the high-performance HMI required by 49 CFR and API RP 1165. Company personnel who should attend the workshop include controllers, control room management, operations managers, technical support, and HSE managers. The outcome of this workshop is a working draft of the HMI Philosophy document and less resistance to change. The HMI Philosophy is used to create the HMI Style Guide that will provide details about colors, lines, text, objects, navigation, and system features.

This 92-page baseline document defines the philosophy and style that guides the design of the high-performance HMI implemented with the EnerSys Intelligent Operator Console. In addition, the document provides a clear description of how API 1165 is implemented in POEMS and conforms to ISA 101, Human Machine Interfaces.

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Russel Treat

Russel Treat is an industry leader, software entrepreneur, podcaster, and trusted subject matter expert specializing in oil and gas pipeline operations, custody transfer measurement, leak detection, and automation. Russel’s extensive knowledge of pipeline and control room operations gained over 30 years of projects led to the creation of a complete software suite known as POEMS ™ (Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System) delivered through EnerSys Corporation.

As CEO of EnerSys, Russel is committed to delivering the highest value to pipeline operators by addressing their greatest needs and concerns, especially operational efficiency, safety and government regulation.

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