Introducing POEMS CRM Suite 3.3: Control Room Software Features You Need

Introducing POEMS CRM Suite 3.3: Our Latest Control Room Software Release

Supporting the pipeline control room can easily become complex. Our goal at EnerSys is to help control room managers and controllers become more efficient, operate safely, and achieve Natural Compliance with regulations through the use of our control room software tools.

Our team has been hard at work developing the latest version of our POEMS Control Room Management software suite (CRM Suite) that supports each critical area of Control Room Management.

We are eager to unveil POEMS CRM Suite version 3.3, which includes valuable enhancements, new features and functionality, and additional capabilities to simplify the complexity of the control room.

What’s Included in Our 3.3 Control Room Software Update?

POEMS CRM Suite 3.3 includes updates across the entirety of our core software platform. We enhanced each module in the CRM Suite and we rolled out a robust connection with the Muddy Boots field operations platform. Discover the added features and functionality that will support your control room.

CRMgr Module Software Enhancements

One of the updates that we are most excited about is a new Control Room Dashboard that is included in the enhancements to our CRMgr module.

The Control Room Dashboard is a tool designed specifically for control room managers. It enables control room managers to maintain situational awareness. At a glance, managers can view controllers’ schedules, access notifications and tasks, identify Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOCs), and see operating notices.

1. Schedule Overview

Control room managers can use the dashboard to view controller schedule rotations for all consoles (as seen in FatigueMgr Controller Scheduling).

  • Review the current on-duty controller(s) in the control rooms.
  • Assess upcoming Hours of Service (HOS) deviations and see whether there is an accompanying deviation report.

2. Relevant Notifications and Tasks

Control room managers can take specific follow-up actions based on what is presented to them on their display. Using the dashboard, managers can proactively take action to prevent key tasks from falling through the cracks. Increased situational awareness makes it easier to perform the following tasks:

  • Sign Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOCs).
  • Approve point-to-point verifications.
  • Create deviation reports for HOS violations.
  • Complete assigned reading.

3. AOCs

One of the key elements of the dashboard is a listing of all Abnormal Operating Conditions for all consoles. This allows managers to quickly understand areas of risk in their operation and identify which controllers may need support to mitigate that risk.

4. Operating Notices

The dashboard includes a listing of all operating notices for all consoles, with the ability to add new operating notices within the dashboard. Think of this as adding sticky notes to a specific activity. Operators can utilize this added functionality to help streamline Shift Handover (SHO) in accordance with API 1168 to support safe operations:

  • Ongoing maintenance activity.
  • Daily operation information.
  • Upcoming changes.
  • Incident information.
  • Changes to physical assets, procedures, and/or responsibilities.
  • Alarm reviews.
  • Third-party incidents potentially impacting operations.
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Control Room Management Dashboard

ALMgr Module Software Enhancements

We have heard from many pipeline operators about their need for greater Alarm Management support. In our latest software update to the ALMgr software module, we introduced enhanced reporting tools that allow control room managers to better manage their program.

This release includes three new reports: Latest Import vs. Previous Import, Latest Import vs. Rationalization, and Activations vs. Rationalizations. Consider the benefits of utilizing each of these reports.

Latest Import vs. Previous Import Report

  • View the points that have been added or deleted since the last SCADA import to quickly identify discrepancies or errors.
  • Audit the alarm limits (setpoints) to ensure that limits haven’t been changed without a proper procedure to avoid safety issues and non-compliance.
  • Review tag names and priorities to help create more clarity for controllers.
  • Determine if the SCADA system has changed in an unexpected way to know if action needs to be taken or if there are any issues that need to be resolved.

Latest Import vs. Rationalization Report

  • Compare what’s rationalized in the POEMS platform to what’s currently in the SCADA system to determine if SCADA priorities and setpoints need to be adjusted.
  • Identify whether there are discrepancies between SCADA and rationalized points in POEMS to identify discrepancies and take action accordingly.

Activations vs. Rationalizations Report

  • Displays alarm points that are not mapped, not rationalized, or have different priorities than what was rationalized.
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Latest Import vs. Previous Import

Additional ALMgr Enhancements: Risk Matrix

The POEMS 3.3 release includes additional ALMgr enhancements that we want to specifically focus on. The update allows managers to be more detailed and specific about the nature of alarms that are captured in the system and presented to controllers.

– One key enhancement is to the Risk Matrix page. This page provides control room managers with the ability to preview how alarm configuration KPIs will change when making updates to the Risk Matrices. This allows users to better prioritize their alarms to support a controller’s ability to recognize and respond to each alarm.

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Risk Matrix page

– The Processed Alarms page now includes two added options to select “Is Potential AOC” and “Is Safety Related flags” to create greater clarity around the severity of a threat that is identified in the system.

– We also enhanced the Alarm Activation KPIs page. There are new Top Activators sections that include “PotentialAOC,” “SafetyRelated,” and Critical, High, Medium, and Low.

We introduced this update to align with the industry standards of API RP 1167 (Pipeline SCADA Alarm Management) and ISA 18.2 for alarm KPIs, enabling control room managers to continuously operate safely and in compliance.

Enhancements to FatigueMgr & PointMgr

Our control room software update also includes enhancements to the FatigueMgr and PointMgr software modules in the POEMS CRM Suite.

– The enhancements to FatigueMgr are based on feedback we have received from control room personnel about needing to drill down into specific aspects of controller workload, fatigue mitigation, and hours of service. The enhancements include:

  • Scheduled deviation reports that are automatically assigned to each controller as assigned reading.
  • A tighter zoom option in Controller Scheduling to make smaller time blocks easier to see.
  • Enhanced HOS Charts to now include vacation time.
  • The addition of a legend on the HOS Charts page.

– The added features and functionality of PointMgr allow control room managers to achieve greater control over how point-to-point verification is performed so that you can maintain continuous oversight. The enhancements include:

  • An approval process for point-to-point verifications.
  • The ability to track who performed the verification for each point.
  • Enhanced P2P Reports, which include each tested point value and the verifying user.

Muddy Boots: Full Integration with CRMgr

We recently announced a partnership with Muddy Boots to integrate their all-in-one field operations platform with the CRM Suite to enhance the connection between the control room and field operations.

The POEMS 3.3 release rolls out the integration between the two software platforms, enabling us to deliver advanced software capabilities between the control room and field operations. 

Through this integration with Muddy Boots, operators can easily create alarm investigation requests, work orders, and/or initiate MOCs directly from their console. The work to be done is then automatically delivered to the appropriate field operations personnel, ending the need for telephone tag.

All of this is routed through the CRMgr module of our CRM Suite and recorded in the software log. Consider the key aspects of the Muddy Boots integration CRMgr:

  • Achieve Natural Compliance: initiate the work through CRMgr, then records are generated automatically as the work is performed.
  • Allow controllers to create callouts, work orders, and MOCs from the CRMgr module.
  • Use the “Create Log Entry” page to quickly initiate the work to be done.
  • View AOCs, callouts, and Operating Notices from CRMgr.
  • Add callouts directly to your operation’s log for recordkeeping purposes.
  • Capture communication between the control room and field personnel in the resolution of callouts.
  • Keep the control room in the loop for the entirety of the investigation (you can provide updates in the software’s callout box).
  • Maintain visibility of all callouts on the screen until they are resolved.
  • Provide pertinent updates to stakeholders involved in the process.
  • Report the resolution of each work order and capture notes of what was done.
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Muddy Boots MOC Callouts

Take Advantage of Our Control Room Software Enhancements

The POEMS 3.3 software release reflects our commitment to provide control room managers, controllers, and other control room personnel with the tools you need to operate safely, efficiently, and in compliance.

We will soon be rolling out the software update to existing customers. Your account manager will be in touch to discuss the implementation of our software enhancements. We will also provide you with updated User Guides for each software module.

– Not a current EnerSys customer? Not using all of the modules? Interested in adding the Muddy Boots integration to your existing use of the CRM Suite? We would like to discuss the opportunity for your operation to utilize the full capabilities of our control room software offering.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or educational demo of the CRM Suite. To reach us directly, call 281-598-7100 and ask to speak with EnerSys General Manager Ross Adams or VP Business Development Dale Schafer.

You can also email us directly at For a rapid response, complete the form below to schedule time with our team. We look forward to hearing from you.