POEMS CRM Suite provides enhanced software support for the pipeline control room

Enhanced Support for the Control Room: Introducing POEMS CRM Suite v2.7

EnerSys Corporation is announcing the release of a significant update to the POEMS Control Room Management software suite (POEMS CRM Suite) to support the pipeline control room.

POEMS CRM Suite v2.7 includes multiple software enhancements addressing critical operations in the pipeline control room. Enhancement areas include:

  • New Hours of Service (HOS) to provide staffing and resource allocation flexibility
  • Compliance logging to align with the new Team Training rule
  • Alarm analysis enhancements to support advanced Workload analysis
  • Support for capturing and sharing lessons learned throughout the control room

How Our Software Release Supports Pipeline Operations

Our goal with the new product release is to continue meeting the latest challenges for pipeline operators and control room managers, especially during this unprecedented period of resource constraints during the health crisis.

1. Hours of Service Support

The new CRM Suite enhancements include expanded scheduling capabilities. We recognize that many pipeline control rooms have been forced to change how they support safety and compliance in the pipeline control room during the health crisis and economic disruption.

We included software enhancements to help operators and managers better track Hours of Service and workload:

  • Includes the ability to track multiple roles and schedules.
  • Includes non-console personnel who are qualified to perform actions in the control room.
  • Ability to mark time worked with or without a console (e.g. work-from-home scenarios).

The overall benefit is providing more visibility into resources, the ability to address staff limitations during situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic affecting staff availability for the control room, and the ability to see the availability of all qualified personnel, not just controllers.

2. New Compliance Logging

The software update includes new compliance log types. Specifically, the ability to create compliance logs that reflect the Team Training guidelines introduced by PHMSA in the CRM Rule FAQs.

The CRM Rule dictated that collaborative training exercises must take place. Then, the FAQs provided clarity that training exercises should be implemented for personnel that includes controllers, qualified individuals that have the ability to inform or influence actions in the control room, and other individuals that would be expected to interact with controllers during normal, abnormal, or emergency operations.

The benefit of our software update is the ability to create compliance logs that capture that your operation has kept up with the Team Training rule in an effort to continue driving toward safety in the pipeline control room.

3. Addition of Alarm Analysis Types

We have expanded the ability for pipeline operators and control room managers to perform enhanced alarm analysis. The POEMS CRM Suite now has the ability to support alarm analysis beyond the console:

  • Alarm analysis by Console (pre-existing)
  • Alarm analysis by Controlled Area (newly added)
  • Alarm analysis by Area of Operation (newly added)
  • Alarm analysis by Controller (newly added)

The expanded capabilities of the CRM Suite allows operators and managers to perform deeper analysis to see the area of operation that is a primary contributor to workload. This allows for enhanced workload management by providing visibility beyond the console to the actual users and areas of the operation that are primarily contributing to workload.

Also, performing enhanced analysis will increase the value of data that can be used across the software platform to support Workload Analysis. Specifically, the ability to implement fatigue mitigation processes — especially during unique situations such as the health crisis — to reduce safety risks.

4. Incorporation of Lessons Learned

We included several other software enhancements in this product release. One additional item we want to highlight is the ability to log entries that may be flagged for assigned reading and sharing of lessons learned.

For example, operators may want to flag alarms related to Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOCs) that can be used to provide further education and instruction to pipeline controllers and other personnel.

Now, the POEMS CRM Suite includes the ability for certain alarm logs to be flagged for this particular purpose of sharing lessons learned.

We believe this will be a valuable tool for operators and managers to use as part of regular training exercises, driving toward pipeline safety.

Ready to Implement the Software Update

For our existing customers: we will be contacting you to schedule implementation of POEMS CRM Suite v2.7. We will also be available to discuss adding modules or other enhancements to extend the value of your investment in the CRM Suite.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that each critical area of the pipeline control room is covered for your operation. We can achieve this goal through a comprehensive review of your current use of the POEMS CRM Suite, while also looking at ways to provide additional enhancements to support your operation during the health crisis situation.

For new customers: We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how the POEMS CRM Suite can support your pipeline control room.

Whether it’s alarm management, workload analysis and fatigue mitigation, regulations, recordkeeping, or another critical area of the control room, our software is the ideal mechanism to support safe and compliant operations.

To schedule an educational demo of the POEMS CRM Suite or to further discuss what’s included in the CRM Suite v2.7 software update, contact us directly through our website, call 281-598-7100, or email sales@enersyscorp.com.