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Ross Adams Teaching on CRM Rule Requirements at EUCI

Our company is committed to education and staying ahead of the curve on the latest developments in pipeline safety and control room management to help pipeline operators maintain safe operations. When presented with an opportunity to share lessons learned with a large group of industry professionals, we are quick to accept the invitation.

In April 2020, our control room management expert Ross Adams will be teaching a class on “Advanced Pipeline Control Room Management” for the EUCI organization.

The one-day seminar will focus on ongoing efforts to continuously improve operational effectiveness and compliance status.

We recommend that pipeline professionals and other professionals that support the pipeline control room register for this class:

  • April 8, 2020 | Denver area – EUCI Conference Center | Register Today

Advancing the Conversation on the CRM Rule

It has been more than a decade since PHMSA introduced the Control Room Management Rule (CRM Rule) that prescribes safety and operational requirements for control rooms to remotely monitor and control liquid and gas pipelines.

Now it’s time to advance the conversation. The course will move beyond reviewing the content of the CRM Rule and its initial implementation into a deeper conversation about ongoing efforts to continuously improve an operator’s operational effectiveness and compliance status, while also maintaining adequate levels of preparedness in the event of a state or federal inspection.

Included in the class will be a discussion of what PHMSA is looking for during a control room inspection, the importance of recordkeeping and documentation to satisfy a PHMSA audit, understanding how the Mega Rule affects pipeline operations, and preparing for the upcoming PHMSA control room inspection initiative.

Who Should Attend the Advanced Pipeline Control Room Management Class?

The material taught by Ross Adams is primarily geared towards control room managers, lead controllers, and compliance managers, plus other pipeline operations personnel who are involved in supporting inspections.

We also recommend attending the class if you are an EHS staff member, SCADA professional or supervisor, field or facility manager, engineer, or other staff member involved in supporting safe operations.

The course material will cover these primary topics to ensure advanced understanding and knowledge of pipeline control room management that can be readily applied in your role:

  • Pipeline incidents history
  • CRM Rule basics
  • Audit preparation
  • Audit experience
  • Control Room inspection
  • Future PHMSA initiatives

Register Today for the Class

At a basic level, this course will address the importance of the CRM Rule and its effect on the control room. However, the material taught by Ross will also strive to go beyond the basic understanding of the initial release of the rule, and into the details of how operators are effectively — and sometimes ineffectively — responding to the requirements.

From the background and history of the CRM Rule to the Gas Mega Rule, this course will help attendees understand what is required of them, and what they can do to move past initial implementation into continuous improvement of their CRM Programs.

Register today for the class on April 8 in Denver to save your seat for this important educational opportunity. Have questions about the class? Reach out to Ross Adams on LinkedIn.