EnerSys CEO Russel Treat will present on Preparing your Pipeline Operation for a Virtual PHMSA Inspection during the 2021 API Pipeline conference

Russel Treat Presents at 2021 API Pipeline, Control Room And Cybernetics Conference

Russel TreatEnerSys CEO Russel Treat presented during the 2021 Pipeline, Control Room And Cybernetics Conference on Tuesday, April 27, 2021. Russel presented on a timely compliance topic for pipeline operators and control room managers, “Preparing your Pipeline Operation for a Virtual PHMSA Inspection.”

Attendees gained valuable insight on how to prepare for a virtual inspection during a time when PHMSA is relying on this method following the pandemic.

Follow-Up To API Pipeline Conference Presentation

During the API Pipeline Conference presentation, Russel focused on the importance of preparing the operation and control room to validate control room activity. Russel drove toward helping operators understand how to answer two important questions, “Did you do what you said you would do?” and “can you prove it?”

Being prepared is increasingly valuable in today’s environment when PHMSA inspectors are asking questions and requesting documentation in a virtual environment. This means being prepared to provide a digital format of your CRMP for review, being able to produce evidence that policies were implemented and procedures were followed, and being able to deliver accurate records that satisfy the requirements of the CRM Rule.

Russel covered the key steps involved in this process of achieving inspection readiness:

1. Verify that policy and procedure meet PHMSA requirements.
2. Verify that recordkeeping is happening as tasks are completed in the control room.
3. Verify that operator personnel can quickly and accurately retrieve records.
4. Utilize software to create compliance records to satisfy a PHMSA inspection.

– Did you attend the presentation? We would appreciate hearing from you to continue the conversation. Included is an opportunity for your team to receive group training on how to prepare for a virtual PHMSA inspection of the control room. This will ensure that all key personnel that are responsible for supporting the inspection have a deeper understanding of what’s required in their role and what they should be responsible for.

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