GCI is providing SCADA training for oil and gas professionals through interactive online training featuring EnerSys team members

Register for Interactive Online Training on SCADA Fundamentals

Would you or your team benefit from receiving SCADA fundamentals training to support pipeline operations? Anyone that needs to understand SCADA and all its components can benefit from attending a class. This fall, members of the EnerSys team will be providing online, instructor-led, interactive education and instruction.

Delivered by Gas Certification Institute (GCI), this new form of interactive online training will help meet the needs of oil and gas professionals to understand SCADA fundamentals and speak the language of SCADA.

The first SCADA Online Fundamentals Certification class offered by GCI will take place November 10-13, 2020. Supervisors can register their team or individuals can register through the GCI website.

Material Covered in SCADA Fundamentals Class

The SCADA Fundamentals Certification course prepares controllers, operations managers, and support personnel to understand industry best practices, leading to the effective use of SCADA to support pipeline safety.

Professionals who take the class will gain a deeper understanding of SCADA, examine SCADA field devices, be able to identify communications strategies, understand common SCADA functionality, and identify the relevant standards for control room management, alarm management, and cybersecurity.

Included is the study of how to use tools and technology to support situational awareness, a discussion of how to support overall operational integrity, understanding of successful alarm systems, and insight into how to analyze security threats.

After attending this instructor-led class, participants will return to their roles with confidence to immediately apply the knowledge gained. The EnerSys team members who will be providing instruction during the class include:

Our trio of team members have 50+ combined years of experience supporting pipeline SCADA projects, have taught at industry conferences on key SCADA topics, and are actively involved in the development of SCADA tools to support operators.

Information on SCADA Interactive Online Training

GCI developed a new interactive online training forum that will allow oil and gas professionals to receive SCADA training without needing to travel to a designated location. During this period of health and safety concerns associated with in-person gatherings, GCI developed the ideal solution to continue providing instruction.

Our team is committed to providing the same level of education that professionals would expect from an in-person setting. To get the most out of the SCADA class, professionals are being asked to meet the following basic requirements:

  • Blocked-off time on your calendar to participate in the daily training Nov. 10-13.
  • A quiet place to sit in front of your computer or laptop to participate in the training.
  • A reliable Internet connection to remain engaged in the training throughout the duration.
  • A web camera and microphone to interact with instructors and other participants.
  • Access to WebEx, which is the software that will be used to deliver the training.

Overall, GCI has replicated their in-person training environment to provide the same quality of instruction using modern technology. The EnerSys team is looking forward to participating in this interactive online training environment to provide SCADA education to professionals.

Find out more about how to register for the SCADA Fundamentals Certification class on November 10-13. Have questions about registration? Contact the GCI team. We will see you in the digital classroom.