Craig Alexander SCADA

Announcing Our New Sr. SCADA Engineer Craig Alexander

Craig Alexander SCADAAfter a thorough and comprehensive search across the industry, EnerSys Corporation has identified SCADA industry leader Craig Alexander as the ideal choice to join our company.

Craig has been hired to the role of Sr. SCADA Engineer, placing him in a strategic leadership role of providing client operational support for enterprise SCADA systems.

We sought a SCADA expert for this role who could elevate our delivery of SCADA and HMI support for EnerSys customers through our proven and industry-accepted software tools, the Pipeline Operations Excellence Management System (POEMS) and the Intelligent Operator Console (IOC).

We are confident that Craig’s experience, knowledge, and forward-thinking approach to pipeline SCADA and HMI is the ideal combination to achieve our objectives to continue meeting the latest customer needs.

More Information on Craig’s Role as Sr. SCADA Engineer

In addition to providing client operational support on SCADA systems, Craig Alexander will be responsible for configuring, updating, and troubleshooting SCADA systems, databases, and business interfaces.

Craig will also develop maintenance schedules such as point and alarm audits, historical thinning, and other system maintenance tasks using EnerSys software tools.

Craig will be drawing from 21+ years of technical and managerial experience in SCADA/HMI design and development as well as computational pipeline modeling to support key target areas for our expanded customer support:

  • HMI design/development
  • SCADA communication optimization
  • PHMSA audit and regulatory support

On the technical side, Craig is proficient in several programming languages and relational database development. His expertise in this area will help grow our SCADA offering as technology continues to miniaturize and become more accessible to small-to-mid-size pipeline operators.

Additional Expertise that Customers Can Leverage

During this period of heightened awareness about regulatory compliance (e.g. the forthcoming revision to API 1165), we are confident in Craig’s ability to provide even more value to customers.

– Craig is well-versed in Operational and Control Room certification, qualification, and compliance with CFR 192 and CFR 195.

– Craig has additional tools in his toolkit including pipeline hydraulic and modeling experience, gas and crude measurement experience, and pipeline leak detection support.

Specific to leak detection, Craig can support customers in the development, selection, and implementation of requirements for a pipeline leak detection system.

– We also want to draw attention to Craig’s forward-thinking approach to SCADA as a Service. Craig is capable of defining and developing a SCADA implementation approach to help customers reduce costs.

This aligns with our company’s approach to being SCADA agnostic, where we can work with a particular SCADA platform utilized by your company. However, upon review of your company’s operating reality, we can make an informed recommendation for the ideal pipeline-specific SCADA platform that will help your operation achieve efficiencies, operate safer, and reduce cost.

In future periods, we anticipate that Craig will be spearheading a dedicated review of your existing SCADA system. We will then be able to provide your operation with a comprehensive recommendation for the selection, implementation, and management of the ideal SCADA platform.

Contact EnerSys for an Introduction to Craig Alexander

We are thrilled to welcome an industry leader the caliber of Craig Alexander to our company. We would appreciate the opportunity to introduce Craig to you and your team to discuss our expanded SCADA support on a one-on-one basis.

To schedule a phone conference or virtual web meeting with Craig and our team, contact us directly through our website, via phone at 281-598-7100, or by email at