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EnerSys Services | CRM Compliance and Facilitator

EnerSys Services | CRM Compliance and Facilitator

CRM Compliance

During the current national emergency, EnerSys is prioritizing staff augmentation to support your pipeline operators and their existing control room team to help the control room maintain safe operations while maintaining compliance to regulatory requirements.

We will work with your team to ensure that proper recordkeeping occurs as controllers perform their tasks, especially during transition periods to remote work environments and related to any deviation that occur related to the pandemic.

Our goal is to help your control room continue to achieve compliance naturally during crisis events.

Read the PHMSA COVID-19 Notice and Guidance for Pipeline Operators.

Note: Our CRM Compliance support is provided at contract rates.

Compliance Facilitator

This national emergency can also effect the timeliness and quality of your regulatory documentation.

The EnerSys Compliance Facilitator program ensures that you will be adequately prepared for your next audit as part of your commitment to continuous improvement.

Compliance Facilitator includes monthly meetings, as well as three quarterly and one annual CRMP Program status reports at a fixed fee.

Additionally, weekly calls and ad-hoc work are available as needed at a time and materials rate.

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