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EnerSys Services | SCADA Support and Assessment

EnerSys Services | SCADA Support and Assessment

SCADA Support

During the current national emergency, EnerSys is prioritizing staff augmentation to support pipeline operators and their existing SCADA teams to maintain safe pipeline operations.

  • If your operation is requiring your SCADA team to transition infrastructure to support remote work (i.e., controllers from the house), or to establish new facilities/networks, we can provide immediate support during the transition.
  • We can also continue to provide SCADA support in the event of a staff shortage during the pandemic.

Note: Our SCADA system support is provided at contract rates to support your operation during crisis events.

SCADA Assessment

EnerSys specializes in the design and implementation of SCADA, custody transfer measurement, and automation systems that align with industry best practices and PHMSA CRM Rule compliance.

By providing systems engineering services in all areas of production, gathering, transmission, storage, plant distribution, and use, EnerSys helps companies determine and implement the best possible solutions for their operations.

Our SCADA assessment includes analysis of current SCADA assets, meter stations, field flow computers, RTU, and PLCs, gas chromatographs, telecoms network, compressor stations, water facilities and pipelines, regulated pipelines, and HMI to determine current state and how each element complies with best practices and PHMSA regulations.

If corrective action is required, EnerSys will provide a detailed roadmap of suggested changes, including budgetary estimates and implementation timeframe.

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