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ComplyMgr: Simplified PHMSA Compliance


Pipeline operators no longer need to dread the PHMSA audit. Our new software module, ComplyMgr, enables operators to achieve audit readiness through comprehensive management of the audit process.

The software module automates compliance management, provides a single source for all relevant documents, organizes your records in one place, and allows your operation to perform a mock audit to prepare for the real audit.

Before ComplyMgr

  • Documents retention issues (e.g. drowning in spreadsheets)
  • References and industry standards in different locations
  • Difficulty maintaining assessment tools
  • Unable to identify areas of risks during annual reviews
  • Lack of visibility on program weaknesses and corrective action
  • Inability to answer PHMSA questions to prove compliance
  • No confidence in current compliance state to pass PHMSA audit

With ComplyMgr

  • All documents gathered in one centralized location
  • Access to Compliance Review results to improve policies
  • Visibility into program weaknesses to take corrective action
  • Full support for annual program reviews
  • Ability to track, review, approve, and publish changes
  • Results and corrective actions saved for later viewing
  • Complete confidence to pass the PHMSA audit

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We are offering an educational online demo of the ComplyMgr software with our team: VP of Business Development Dale Schafer and Regulatory and Software lead Ross Adams.

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