The All-in-One Software Documentation Solution for a CRM Audit

Paperwork. Records. Documents. Teams. These are all very difficult to pull together to satisfy a PHMSA CRM audit. That’s why we recently introduced a new package of software tools, implementation support, and training to help pipeline operators and midstream companies prepare for the audit and go into the audit with confidence.

In 2020, we helped multiple customers successfully pass their latest PHMSA audit with no findings. We packaged our software tools with advisory support to help each customer adequately prepare for the audit:

  • Pre-audit consultation to get organized.
  • Audit preparation review.
  • Mock audit to prepare for the real audit.
  • Compliance Facilitator program.
  • ComplyMgr to simplify PHMSA compliance.

We are currently offering a complete package to help operators streamline and simplify the PHMSA audit process for the control room. Here’s what we are offering in this all-in-one solution.

Software Tools to Support Recordkeeping for the PHMSA Audit

You do not want to overburden your controllers with mountains of paperwork. Use software tools that simplify the process and maintain the documents where they can be found.

ComplyMgrConsider using the POEMS Control Room Management (CRM Suite) to support natural compliance. Our software documentation solution includes the following software tools:

  • Document library to store internal policies and procedures (a single source of truth)
  • Electronic logbook to support e-logging
  • Hours of Service tools
  • Abnormal Operating Conditions (AOCs) tools
  • ComplyMgr for compliance assurance

PHMSA places emphasis on specific areas of the control room when performing their audit such as log notes, shift handover, hours of service, and other areas. The tools align with the needs of operators to pull together critical records and documentation that PHMSA is looking for during the audit.

Using our tools, you’ll be able to prove that you’re doing what you said you would do according to your internal policies and procedures. You’ll also be able to verify that your internal documentation aligns with the CRM Rule, the latest CRM Rule FAQs, and the latest PHMSA regulations.

We don’t just offer you software tools, though. Also included in our all-in-one solution package is implementation, training, and advisory support to ensure that your team is equipped to do their part satisfying the audit.

Compliance Training, Consulting, and Advisory Support

Some companies offer a few pieces of software and leave you on your own to figure out how to use the software. Other companies offer consulting support, but no software tools. We do both. Our all-in-one solution includes multiple pieces of training support to guide your team through audit preparation and audit completeness.

ComplyMgr DOur compliance and consulting support offering includes the following elements:

  • Software implementation support for the installation of our software tools.
  • Software training support to ensure universal understanding of our tools.
  • Review of your current compliance status before the audit.
  • Review of control room documents against PHMSA governing documents.
  • Gap analysis of internal documents compared to PHMSA audit protocols.
  • Workshops, training, and education to improve control room team capabilities.

Schedule a Meeting to Discuss Our PHMSA Audit Solution

We are offering a powerful solution to utilize tools and find support from our team of industry experts to prepare for the PHMSA audit. We introduced this new package at new pricing to offer pipeline operators and midstream companies all of the tools and support they need.

As you prepare upcoming budgets, be sure to reach out to our team to discuss incorporating this software documentation solution into your budget plans.

To further discuss, contact our team directly to discuss the specific utilization in your operation. Contact Dale Schafer directly at or email our Regulatory and Software Support lead Ross Adams at

You can also give us a call at 281-598-7100 to speak directly with Dale or Ross. Ask to discuss our new all-in-one software solution for the PHMSA CRM audit.