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EnerSys: The Software Components of POEMS

EnerSys Software | ALMgr
The Tools to Safely Operate a High-Performance Pipeline

ALMgr – Alarm Configuration KPIs

ALMgr provides tools and documentation for managing the alarm rationalization process, assisting controller response to alarms with alarm response sheets, and generating analytical reports exceeding CRM requirements.

After implementing the ALMgr system in your pipeline operation, you will be able to:

  • Reduce alarm frequency and floods.
  • Create alarm response sheets to guide controller response.
  • Improveresponse time to Plan, Do, Check, and Act.
  • Cut the cost of the rationalization process.
  • Analyze results of each event to improve operational efficiency.
  • Create monthly reviews and reports that comply with the CRM Rule (API 1167 and ISA 18.2).