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Achieve Operations Effectiveness, Safety Performance and Natural Compliance

The POEMS™ CRM Suite (Control Room Management Suite) is a cost-effective, off-the-shelf, integrated set of pipeline control room software tools design for on-premises deployment inside the company’s secure OT infrastructure. CRM Suite is deployable in standard IT environments — with standard tools for integration and reporting — that enable operators to achieve safe and PHMSA compliant control room operations, as required by 49 CFR 192.631 and 195.446. The modules in the CRM Suite provide the tools for logging shift notes, creating abnormal operating condition reports (AOC’s), compliance reports and logs, alarm rationalization and analysis per ISA 18.2, point to point verification, hours of service/controller scheduling, console workload management, and more.

One advantage for operators that implement the CRM Suite toolset is that records and supporting documentation are created as work is completed – compliance becomes the natural output of doing the work. CRM Suite enhances operations effectiveness for pipeline operators by providing comprehensive tools for monitoring, managing, and responding to events in the control room, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing disruptions. Additionally, it promotes a positive safety culture by allowing you to track and monitor performance against your organization’s Control Room Management Plan (CRMP).

Together, these modules form a holistic solution that improves operational effectiveness, promotes positive safety culture, and supports Natural Compliance.

Software to Achieve Natural Compliance

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  • Logbook and AOC Management
  • Shift Handover (API RP 1168)
  • Unified Compliance Recordkeeping
  • Assigned Reading
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  • Risk Based Rationalization
  • Configuration and Activation KPIs
  • Bad Actor Analysis
  • Interactive Reporting
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  • Ongoing Workload Data Analysis
  • Identify Workload Trends and Staffing Needs
  • Customizable Control Room Scheduling
  • Identify, Mitigate & Document HOS Deviations
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  • Point to Point Verification
  • Test Alarm Limits
  • Configure Assets Consistently
  • Ensure Proper Documentation
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  • Connect Control Room and Field Ops
  • Initiate Call Outs
  • Track Corrective Action
  • Improve MOC Communication
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Reduce documentation management time.reduce time icon

Benefits of

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Increases each controller’s situational awareness. awareness icon
Ensure that information for the PHMSA CRM audit is readily available. audit icon
Manage controller scheduling and console workload. control schedule icon