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Optimize Your Pipeline Alarm Management Program

The ALMgr module of the POEMS CRM Suite is specifically designed for pipeline operators to conform to API 1167, ISA 18.2, and PHMSA CRM Rule requirements. Operators can support their pipeline alarm management program by quickly and cleanly generating analytical reports.

ALMgr expedites alarm rationalization by streamlining the process of managing multiple facilities. The tool specifically identifies safety-related alarms and generates Alarm Response Sheets (ARS) to enable quick and effective alarm response. Additionally, your operation can identify and support the corrective action relating to bad actor alarms.

Benefits for Control Room Managers

  • Designed to support compliance and ongoing program improvements.
  • Simplifies required monthly alarm activity analysis reporting.
  • Tagging system quickly identifies alarms that are not rationalized.
  • Report by console, operating area, or other designations.
  • AOC Reports communicate effectiveness of control room response to AOCs.

Benefits for Controllers

  • Provides Alarm Response Sheets (ARS) as required by regulations.
  • ARS supports and streamlines your alarm response requirements.
  • Enables controllers to communicate to management about bad actors.
  • White noise reduction through properly configured alarms.
  • Improved situational awareness to help controllers do their job well.
  • Reduces alarm flood.

ALMgr Features To Support Efficient Usage

Support Risk-Based Rationalization

Risk-based alarm rationalization supports effective alarming in the control room. Build your foundation for rationalization as part of the pipeline alarm management program. Use Risk Matrix to apply changes to all rationalized alarms.

Identify Safety-Related Alarms

Provide controllers with the tools they need to clearly and quickly identify all safety-related alarms captured in your SCADA system and presented to them on their HMI displays. Generate reports comparing point/alarm configuration against rationalized alarms.

Optimize KPIs

Set up your alarm KPIs, then perform analysis of configuration KPIs versus activation KPIs to support decision-making. Utilize interactive alarm activation KPIs with advanced filtering.

Perform Monthly Analytical Reporting

Meet PHMSA CRM Rule requirements to perform a monthly review of alarms. Prepare for the annual review of alarm set points, false alarms, and alarm management plans.

Copy & Paste Common Information

Apply your alarm rationalization process across multiple facilities through simple copy & paste capabilities built into the tool.

API 1167 Flood Analysis

Perform API 1167-style Alarm Flood Analysis to quickly and efficiently identify the cause of alarm floods, then drive toward corrective actions to support situational awareness in the control room.

Schedule an Educational Demo of ALMgr

Schedule an Educational Demo of ALMgr