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Capture Operational and Compliance Activity

The CRMgr module of the POEMS CRM Suite enables pipeline operators to capture valuable operational and compliance-related activity in a manner that promotes Natural Compliance. Records are then readily available and useful for future analysis or PHMSA CRM audit response.

CRMgr improves situational awareness for controllers, improves communication across shifts, and breaks down barriers between the field and the control room, enabling operators to communicate key information and training material to control room personnel.

Benefits for Control Room Managers

  • Confidence that fatigue is effectively mitigated in the control room, especially during HOS Deviations.
  • Visibility that controllers are able to identify and respond to AOCs.
  • Confidence that AOCs are resolved in a timely fashion.
  • Understanding of controller experience via emailed SHO Reports.
  • Easily retrievable records — no more scrambling for audits.
  • Communicate important information and documents to controllers.
  • Document required compliance tasks and produce records to satisfy audit.

Benefits for Controllers

  • Clearly defines authority for console and controlled area.
  • Quick logging for routine tasks saves time while maintaining records.
  • Easy creation of log entries.
  • Assigned Reading ensures awareness of important information.
  • Files are always within arm’s reach.
  • Shift handover conversations are focused.
  • Forms are completed as you go.
  • Supports temporary relief in the control room to ensure that consoles are not left unattended.

CRMgr Features To Support Efficient Usage

Detailed Logbook

The easy-to-use logbook captures a variety of log types (operations, abnormal operating conditions, operating notices, fatigue mitigation, and administrative functions). Utilize Quick Search for log entries.

Compliance Logging

Take advantage of the ability to log all monthly, annual, and semi-regular compliance-related tasks to align with PHMSA CRM Rule requirements.

Audit Readiness

Utilize the readily available records for both controller logs and compliance logs so that you are always audit-ready. Ideal for satisfying a time-sensitive virtual PHMSA audit.

Align With API 1168

Capture shift handover conversations that support compliance with industry best practices outlined in API RP 1168 and incorporated by reference in the PHMSA CRM Rule.

Track Lessons Learned

The assigned reading functionality supports closed-loop communication with control room personnel regarding new procedures, completed MOCs, or training material.

Optimize Control Room and Field Operations

The software integration with Muddy Boots supports call-outs and communication between the control room and field operations to increase data accuracy and ensure compliance.

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Schedule an Educational Demo of CRMgr