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Meet PHMSA CRM Rule Requirements For Fatigue Mitigation

The FatigueMgr module of the POEMS CRM Suite enables pipeline operators to meet the challenge of managing the Hours of Services (HOS) requirements of the PHMSA CRM Rule requirements. The software tool provides operators with the information they need to answer key questions:

  • Are we within our Hours of Service limitations?
  • If we are not within our HOS limits, is there a fatigue mitigation plan in place?
  • Can we find the records of HOS deviations?

FatigueMgr also supports the management of controller workload. Control room managers have the information they need to understand workload and see how workload varies over time, across consoles, and by controller. FatigueMgr provides key data and analysis to support over time, across consoles, and by controller, and provides key data and analysis to support the regulatory required Annual Workload Analysis Reports.

Benefits for Control Room Managers

  • Simplify the complicated and cumbersome process of determining HOS.
  • Identify and document HOS deviations.
  • Efficiently communicate risk mitigation with controllers.
  • Plan to fill controller schedule gaps while being mindful of HOS.
  • Achieve awareness of workload peaks.
  • Adjust staffing levels or workload across shifts and/or consoles.
  • Quickly access HOS fatigue mitigation records without going through HR.
  • Save cost and effort by retrieving all data required for workload analysis.

Benefits for Controllers

  • Awareness for controllers of when they have increased fatigue risk and how to mitigate the risk.
  • Printable shift schedules that can be placed in a convenient location for easy reference.
  • Clear understanding of where and when their work is to be performed.
  • View personal schedule and the schedule of others, as well as any applicable HOS constraints.
  • Receive support based on hard data when certain consoles or controllers are overworked.

FatigueMgr Features To Support Efficient Usage

Support Scheduling

Quickly identify HOS deviations in real-time to make informed decisions about scheduling adjustments.

Manage Hours of Service

Build your workflow around ID, documentation, assigned reading, controller fatigue logs, and communication to close the loop.

Generate Fatigue Mitigation Records

Through Natural Compliance, you can always generate records to satisfy a PHMSA CRM audit without an extra step.

Communicate HOS Deviation Mitigation to Controllers

HOS Reports create clarity around which controllers have HOS deviations and when. Managers can relay information to controllers to help prevent future HOS deviations when possible.

Compare Actual vs. Planned

Using your set workflow, managers can track actual workload against operator-specific planned thresholds to close gaps and reduce the frequency of HOS deviations.

Identify Workload Trends

Monitor workload over a set period of time to identify trends. Use the information to make adjustments to workload for each controller, decide when to add additional controllers or consoles, and remain in compliance with HOS requirements.

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Schedule an Educational Demo of FatigueMgr