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Perform Well-Documented Point to Point Verification

The PointMgr module of the POEMS CRM Suite streamlines the point-to-point verification process between the pipeline control room and field technicians. PointMgr also creates the proper documentation for each verification, eliminating the “lost record” problem.

The key functionality of PointMgr is to provide a tool for both SCADA technicians and field technicians to perform a point checkout as required for CRM Rule compliance. PointMgr automatically creates a Compliance Log entry, which is then readily available and easily accessible for audit support and other users in your pipeline operation.

Managers can test alarm limits, configure their assets for consistency, and ensure proper documentation to satisfy a PHMSA audit.

Benefits for Control Room Managers

  • Never have to worry about lost records.
  • Easy to review P2P verification to ensure thoroughness and accuracy.
  • Build confidence that point related issues are identified.
  • Printable reports can be used to prove compliance in an audit.

Benefits for Controllers

  • Can be worked on across multiple controller shifts.
  • Multiple controllers can use PointMgr at one time.
  • Quick and easy to use forms.
  • Printable reports for communicating scope to field personnel.

PointMgr Features To Support Efficient Usage

Easy to Use and Well-Documented

PointMgr includes intuitive capabilities for pipeline managers to efficiently manage remote processes and produce audit-ready records.

Effective Communication

The control room has the ability to communicate scope of points being verified in the field.

Real-Time Visibility

Controllers can visibly track progress of each verification and quickly identify out-of-sync points.

Document Sharing

PointMgr produces records that are readily available and easily distributable to other departments as needed.

Labeled For Clarity

Each tested item allows a label for clarity (Zero, 50%, Full, Open, Close, etc.) so that recorded information can be quickly understood to support decision-making.

Configurable Approvals

Completed point-to-point verifications can be configured to require an approval by the control room manager to support the management workflow.

Schedule an Educational Demo of PointMgr

Schedule an Educational Demo of PointMgr