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EnerSys Software | FatigueMgr
Enhancing Controller Alertness for Greater Safety

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Fatigue management is an important area of CRM compliance. A tired or overworked controller is prone to make mistakes, which could create negative publicity, result in product loss, and even endanger lives.

To help manage the risks associated with fatigue in the control room, EnerSys has introduced two new products in the FatigueMgr module:

  • Workload Analysis: this component provides the control room manager with information needed to ensure the workload in the control room is evenly distributed, decide when to add additional consoles, and evaluate workload by employee or shift.
  • HOS Scheduler: this component tracks hours of service. It also schedules controller shift times by console or controller, while taking into account travel time, SHO time, controller’s quality of sleep, and time spent during off-shift hours for training, meetings, and development.

Combined with an effective fatigue mitigation program, the tools in FatigueMgr enhance compliance to the CRM Rule by ensuring the controller has adequate vigilance time while at work and sufficient time for rest between shifts.