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EnerSys: The Software Components of POEMS

EnerSys Software | IOC for Measurement
Monitor and Manage Measurement in Real Time
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The Intelligence Operator Console for Measurement provides the user with real-time access to flow computers, PLCs, and gas chromatographs. The daily management of measurement and gas quality is simplified to provide accurate, timely data for operational decisions and managing measurement.

Using a communication server such as Kepware’s KEPServerEX with EFM Exporter module, the measurement device is regularly polled to provide the user with real-time data. Users can also create a Demand Poll of a specific device at any time. Historical (EFM) data is uploaded from measurement software such as Flow-Cal or PGAS.

Key Features and Benefits of the IOC for Measurement include:

  • Works with any EFM, RTU, PLC or GC.
  • Read and Write meter configurations back to the EFM or RTU.
  • Display live gas quality and trends from all GCs.
  • Obtain gas quality from a GC or Flow-Cal / PGAS and assign to an RTU or EFM.
  • Read and Write configurations back to GC.