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EnerSys: The Software Components of POEMS

EnerSys Software | IOC for Pipeline Control
The Advanced Link Between Human and Machine Interface
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EnerSys IOC Pipeline is the “heads up display” in the POEMS SCADA system. The IOC screens are combined with an innovative set of run-time tools specifically designed to enable pipeline controllers to enhance awareness and supervisory control of their pipeline operations and interface with key business network systems.

The IOC for Pipeline provides an advanced, fully-compliant human-machine interface (HMI) for pipeline and midstream operations. Through the use of a standardized set of graphical elements, animations, and pipeline-specific system behaviors, this software fulfills the requirement for high-performance HMI at the lowest possible cost — with consistency.

The process of implementing IOC for Pipeline complies with the best practices of API 1165 and complies with ISA 101 by providing an HMI philosophy, style guide, and design guide.

The specific components of this software for pipeline control include:

  • IOC for Pipeline Operations: high-performance HMI for pipeline operation.
  • HMI Philosophy: policies for high-performance HMI style and design.
  • HMI Style Guide: defines graphical elements, system behaviors, and animations in high-performance HMI.
  • HMI Design Guide: defines SCADA architecture, security measures, network topology, and information dataflow.