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EnerSys: The Software Components of POEMS

EnerSys Software | Measurement Control Center
Monitor and Manage Measurement in Real Time
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The POEMS Measurement Control Center provides real-time access to EFM, PLC, Flow Computers, and Gas Chromatographs (devices).

– During operation, the Measurement Control Center polls the measurement devices to obtain real-time or current data only.

– Historical (EFM) data is polled through the Kepware KEPServerEX communications server with EFM Exporter module and exported to the previously-installed Flow-Cal measurement software.

– The Measurement Control Center displays a list of all chromatographs in the system and live quality data can be viewed for each. Additionally, historic trends can be displayed for each quality value.

– Users can choose a chromatograph or another meter as the source of gas composition for other EFM/Flow Computers.

– The Measurement Control Center provides the ability to read/write device configurations in the device.