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Easy Method to Import Tank Data

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EnerSys Corporation developed the Tank2TFX application to help pipeline operators easily convert tank data from field devices into TFX files for import to Flow-Cal.

Tank2TFX allows users to configure tank inventory tickets for one to one thousand tanks and create an hourly TFX file with the latest inventory values.

Tank data in the field device (PLC, EFM, or RTU) is polled by the SCADA/DCS and stored in registers. Tank2TFX utilizes Kepware’s KEPServerEX and IoT Gateway to access the data in the SCADA / DCS via OPC connection. A TFX file is created and then exported to Flow-Cal using OPC protocol.

Tank2TFX takes a reading of configured tank data shortly after the top of the hour, to allow the SCADA system or DCS to collect the latest data.

Typical information in a TFX file can include tank and product identification, level, volume or mass, pressure, temperature, density, and product composition. Additional information specific to each tank (tank type, shell material, product origin, shipper, etc.) can be added to the TFX file using the Tank2TFX configuration tool.