Advanced Connection Between Control Room and Field Operations

The Muddy Boots module of the POEMS CRM Suite delivers advanced pipeline control room software capabilities and efficient communication between the control room and field operations.

The Muddy Boots toolset enables control room personnel to initiate call outs, MOCs, and work orders from the control room, track responses from the field, and record activity as it happens to provide supervisors with real-time visibility.

These validations and exchanges are recorded in the software as control room and field personnel perform their tasks. Then, managers and supervisors can validate activity or follow up to ensure that both sides have a clear understanding of what is happening in the field and what is being presented to controllers in the control room.

Benefits for Control Room Managers

  • Improve documentation of alarm investigations and field callouts.
  • Initiation, dialog, and resolution are timestamped and become part of the controller logs.
  • All data is searchable, saving time and promoting compliance.
  • Achieve line of sight into all areas, making operations visible.

Benefits for Controllers

  • Reduces telephone tag with hard-to-reach field personnel.
  • Improves Controller focus by reducing call-backs.
  • Open issues are visible at a glance and tracked for shift handoff.
  • Low priority WOs stay in the background, without excessive notifications.

Benefits for Field Operations

  • Integrations Dashboard provides a window into your measurement operations.
  • Import Export Utility makes operations data visible across the enterprise.
  • Industry Access Manager allows service companies to work in the same system
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Muddy Boots Features To Support Efficient Operations

Initiate Callouts from the Control Room

Controllers submit and track Alarm Investigation Callouts, as well as lower priority work orders, without leaving the ALMgr screen. Field personnel receive the request in Muddy Boots on their mobile device. Supervisors and managers are aware and can monitor open issues on their Muddy Boots dashboard.

Improve MOC Documentation

Management Of Change documentation is initiated from the control room, then worked and documented in Muddy Boots. Notifications, approvals, and workflow are managed and documented. Multiple approval levels, risk matrix, and complex workflow are supported, facilitating compliance.

screenshot muddy boots ComDemo

Network Diagrams

Publish and share SCADA topology diagrams across the organization, and with service providers, to facilitate troubleshooting and training. The control room, SCADA techs, and providers have instance access to the information they need.

screenshot muddy boots Callout after MuddyBoots completion popup

Review Results

Support training and corrective action by reviewing results of call outs and responses from the field.

screenshot muddy boots Improve controller focus callout documentation

Improve Controller Focus and Callout Documentation

Callouts and Work Orders are initiated from the console. This reduced the number of phone calls, especially leaving messages and call-back from difficult to reach field personnel. The log file shows exactly what information was transferred and when.

screenshot muddy boots Track Work Orders Callout Status

Track Work Order and Callout Status

Open Callouts and Work Orders are visible in AlarmMgr and easily identified. Shift handoff is simplified. Open Callouts and their status are visible on the AlarmMgr. Lower priority Work Orders and completed Callouts are moved to a different area, to reduce clutter and nuisance notifications.

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