Gather Critical Field Data

The Field Measurement module of the Muddy Boots Online oil and gas field operations platform enables companies to manage and execute meter tests and sampling tasks required in the field.

Optimize analysis management, meter calibrations, meter proving, and more using our all-in-one software platform.

One System to Manage Meter Test and Sampling

Conduct On-Site Testing and Sample Collections

  • Schedule and conduct meter calibrations, provings, and witnessing.
  • Schedule and track sampling.
  • Load gas analysis data from any lab.
  • Load oil, liquid, and water sample data in bulk.
  • Validate analysis by standard deviation from historical analysis data.
  • Define criteria to automatically accept analysis.
  • Reschedule sampling for failed analysis automatically.

Send and View Analysis Results

  • Send accepted analysis to accounting and SCADA systems.
  • View analysis results from site diagrams.
  • Provide current information for all processes to stakeholders.
  • Labs can submit analysis data directly to your system.

Why Our Field Measurement Module?

  • Automatic trending of analysis data, analysis validation, and sample tracking.
  • Avoid costly mistakes in allocations through gas analysis validation.
  • Reduce time to distribute analysis.
  • Faster access to key information through multiple ways to view analysis and calibrations.
  • Proving and Calibration service providers can document work in your system, with access control.
  • Access to large, simplified library of calibration and inspection forms (e.g. detailed fluid and meter type specific forms and simplified witness forms).

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