Capture Data on the Go

The Field Operations module of the Muddy Boots Online oil and gas field operations platform enables companies to manage scheduled maintenance, and document compliance activities from their mobile device — with or without network coverage.

Companies can manage work schedules, field data collection, and activity reporting from one system. Choose from 400+ predefined forms to capture data on the go, or use forms that are customized to your business process.

One System to Manage Field Activity

Record and Schedule Appointments

  • Manage by Exception — mobilize resources where needed most.
  • Record daily pressures, tank levels, and flow rates with/without cell signal.
  • Streamline entry of well production data, tank gauging, and flows.
  • Schedule pigging, rate checks, and valve and well inspections.
  • Record safety incidents and hazard identification.
  • Record equipment failures.
  • Schedule E&I activity (meter calibrations, proving, device checks).

Track Tasks and Equipment Actions

  • Attach photos and documents.
  • Create corrective actions automatically.
  • Use dashboard to see what is done and what is missed.
  • Monitor equipment failures and track follow-up work.

Why Our Field Operations Module?

  • Designed for mobile devices — work with no cellular data service.
  • Customization to meet specific business needs.
  • Pumper/Lease Operator logbook data is available immediately.
  • Industry access feature allows for direct scheduling and monitoring of service providers with appropriate access and user log-ins.
  • Save time by storing all equipment information in one place.
  • Reduce phone calls and queries by providing appropriate staff access.
  • Reduce windshield time through schedule optimization.

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