Get The Job Done Efficiently​

The Maintenance & WO module of the Muddy Boots Online oil and gas field operations platform enables companies to manage and perform maintenance tasks from any mobile device.

Execute maintenance and work orders through a dedicated CMMS maintenance system with office capabilities. Take advantage of the advanced scheduling and reporting capabilities.

One System to Manage Maintenance Activity​

Manage your Maintenance Workflow

  • Manage by Exception — mobilize resources where needed most.
  • Schedule work and assign resources.
  • Schedule PM’s based on recurring or rolling intervals.
  • Schedule PM’s based on run hours.
  • View scheduled work via resource, location, or work type.
  • Utilize MOC documentation and email notifications.
  • Restrict access to only what is needed.

Efficiently Manage Work Orders

  • Attach photos and additional details to work orders.
  • Use built-in workflow features to route work orders for approval and track results.
  • Track costs and resource usage.
  • Create and assign work orders online or remotely.
  • Create corrective actions automatically from inspections.

Why Our Maintenance & WO Module?

  • Powerful default scheduling feature.
  • Reduce time spent tracking work orders.
  • Part of the integrated all-in-one, mobile platform.
  • Directly link service providers to the system.
  • Service provider log-ins at no additional cost.
  • Advanced scheduling options for safety inspections, PVS testing, and related PMS duties.
  • Reduce costs by consolidating multiple applications into one.
  • Maximize efficiency and reduce windshield time.

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