Optimize Schematics

The Site Drawings module of the Muddy Boots Online oil and gas field operations platform enables companies to efficiently manage and develop site drawings as part of their measurement program.

This module provides a window into all equipment and field activity. Additionally, you will be equipped to create, maintain, and update site drawings in compliance with regulatory requirements.

One System to Manage Site Diagrams

Diagram and Analytics at Your Fingertips

  • Create Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Site Facility Diagrams.
  • Link each item on site drawings to equipment details, measurements, inspections, and analysis.
  • Build an integrated equipment master database as you build schematics.
  • Navigate between each diagram.
  • Outline phase changes.
  • Track changes since last approval/verification.

Make Updates in the Field

  • View and edit on mobile devices.
  • Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste diagram updates.
  • Retain an audit trail of all revisions.
  • Export a list of upstream or downstream equipment.
  • Update drawings from the field as the work is being done.
  • Make current drawings available across the company.

Why Our Site Diagrams module?

  • Supports a formal drawing approval/verification process.
  • Bulk build options for initial set-up.
  • Automatic notification of changes.
  • Includes multiple editing features.
  • No drafting department required.
  • Updates in minutes vs. weeks.
  • Bridge communication gap by ensuring everyone is working from the same drawing!
  • We assist with initial bulk loading of equipment and drawings.
  • Maintain drawings with online editor.
  • Access our large equipment library to support initial drawings set-up.

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