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Support Field Operations

Need additional support with field operations? Utilize the Muddy Boots Online toolset to support the entire operation in one platform.

Find out more about this compelling opportunity through Gas Certification Institute (GCI).

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EnerSys and Muddy Boots Online have partnered to deliver advanced pipeline control room software capabilities between the control room and field operations.

The Muddy Boots toolset enables control room personnel to initiate call outs, MOCs, and work orders from the control room, track responses from the field, and record activity as it happens to provide supervisors with real-time visibility.

These validations and exchanges are recorded in the software as control room and field personnel perform their tasks. Then, managers and supervisors can validate activity or follow up on activity to ensure that both sides have a clear understanding of what is happening in the field and what is being presented to controllers in the control room.

Consider the benefits of utilizing an integrated software platform for control room and field operations:

  • All data is in one place, increasing data accuracy, saving time, and promoting compliance.
  • All personnel use the same software, saving effort.
  • Achieve line of sight into all areas, making operations visible.
  • Track requests and feedback in real-time, enabling informed decision-making.