Muddy Boots: POEMS® Certified Field Operations Software

The POEMS® Certified Muddy Boots Field Operations platform delivers advanced capabilities that help companies achieve accurate and repeatable measurement in the field, while also streamlining the use of software to perform critical measurement and operations tasks.

These tools provide a system to capture “what was done.” – all in the palm of your hand. Techs can perform tasks and supervisors can run the entire measurement operations from a smartphone.

Muddy Boots Field Operations Software Features:

Integration Dashboard

  • View the data that matters to you – customizable by individual user
  • Summaries of new, completed, missed, or overdue work orders
  • Graphic and tabular display options
  • Apply standardized dashboard to all users or copy user dashboards across teams
  • Navigate to other areas of the system – work orders, MOCs, reports

Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Comprehensive APIs allow for customizable integration

Send analysis data, densities, S&W, and meter factors

  • Lab analysis data can be validated, then sent to SCADA for transmission to the flow computers
  • Validated data can be sent to allocation and settlement accounting systems
  • Run hours for fuel estimation

Import/Export Functions

  • Configure most new flat file or csv imports in one business day
  • Set scheduled import or export times
  • Cross-reference Muddy Boots well and equipment identifiers with existing numbering\naming conventions
  • Perform basic calculations on data as it is processed
  • Use the workflow feature to alert users to the presence of new data
  • Get notification of all import/export activity – Use the accept/reject function to screen new records

Muddy Boots Connect

  • Allows service companies to work directly and securely in the same system as the operator (producer)
  • Allows service companies to have multiple clients in one place
  • Eliminate passing of paper or PDF files between companies
  • Eliminate searching through emails for reports
  • Jointly manage schedules and save time
  • See what work has been done and what is outstanding

Producers work with your service providers to:

  • Schedule jointly with your service providers
  • Follow the service company’s progress. Know what needs to be done
  • Use workflow to verify results
  • Use the schedule defaults feature to automatically assign work

Service Providers showcase your work by:

  • Recording and displaying all completed work. Including notes to pass along crucial information
  • Designing daily run-sheets to keep your employees on track
  • Scheduling directly with your clients
  • Setting yourself apart from your competitors by providing visibility for your clients

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