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Access Contextualized Data in Your SCADA For Pipeline Operations

The POEMS OPACT software module supports the reporting of production schedules across the enterprise. OPACT leverages KepServerEX Connectivity, POEMS™ platform tools, and web-centric delivery to provide reporting capabilities that connect the control room and production teams.

OPACT provides a schedule view to customers that ties directly to the pipeline SCADA system in the control room. This way, both customers and the control room are viewing the same information in a contextualized manner.

Benefits for Control Room Managers

  • Facilitates communication and collaboration between the marketing and control room functions.
  • Receive fewer inquiries from marketing.

Benefits for Controllers

  • Clear understanding of what is presented on the HMI display through the SCADA system.
  • Allows controllers to understand the marketing commitment.

OPACT Features To Support Efficient Usage

Configurable Set-up & Scheduling

OPACT can be configured for how each customer is set up and how schedule dates are entered.

Clear Workflows

Capture what dates come from the SCADA system and ensure understanding of how the dates are used in OPACT.

Measurement Data Collection

Users can collect daily meter data from the field using accumulation points, previous day points, and volume-weighted averages. Users can also collect daily tank inventory from the field.

Configurable Nominations

Set monthly receipt nominations by meter, or monthly delivery nominations by station. Allow receipt/delivery nominations to be allocated among multiple shippers.

Generate Reports

Use OPACT to obtain a summary of daily receipts and deliveries, monthly shipper positions, and details.

Perform End-of-Month Calculations

Compute projected end of month position by shipper based on MTD + nominated volume, MTD + actual average daily volume, or MTD + short-term average daily volume. Also, compute the required volume rate to meet monthly nomination requirements.

Schedule an Educational Demo of OPACT

Schedule an Educational Demo of OPACT