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Software Solutions for Pipeline SCADA

Our SCADA software solution is specifically designed for oil and gas pipeline control rooms to ensure compliance with API 1165 (Pipeline SCADA Displays). We also deliver fully-compliant High Performance HMI to optimize the connection between SCADA and HMI for pipeline controllers.

Our solution takes into account the human factors that support best practices in the control room. We consider the effects of ergonomics, eye sight, cognitive load, and other key factors to provide situational awareness for controllers in all operating conditions — Normal, Abnormal, Emergency, or Crisis response.

While we are SCADA agnostic, we recommend utilizing our pipeline SCADA solution with the Schneider Electric GeoSCADA platform, which is an integrated, scalable, and reliable solution with ready-to-go features for the remote management of critical pipeline assets.

Benefits for Control Room Managers

  • Natural compliance with API 1165.
  • Set up an advanced, fully-compliant HMI for your control room.
  • Implement policies for high-performance HMI style and design.

Benefits for Controllers

  • Increased situational awareness.
  • Built with controllers in mind to support your working environment.
  • Clarity around the HMI style guide and design to support decision-making.

Pipeline SCADA Features To Support Situational Awareness

Comply With API 1165

Our software solution ensures that your control room complies with the best practices of API 1165 and complies with ISA 101 by providing an HMI philosophy, style guide, and design guide.

Cost Savings

Our software solution fulfills the requirements for high-performance HMI through a cost-effective, consistent approach.

Enhanced Communication

Reference one document library for API 1165 alignment to enhance communication and alertness in the control room.

Single Source of Truth

The software contains easily-retrievable documentation of the HMI graphical elements with clear definitions to support situational awareness.

HMI Style Guide

We will work with your team to define graphical elements, system behaviors, and animations in high-performance HMI that drive toward situational awareness.

HMI Design Guide

We will work with your team to define the SCADA architecture, security measures, network topology, and information dataflow.

Schedule an Educational Demo of SCADA Software Solution

Schedule an Educational Demo of SCADA Software Solution