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EnerSys Software | PointMgr

The Link Between Pipeline Control and Field Automation

PointMgr P P Verif

PointMgr provides a tool for conducting point-to-point verification for pipeline controllers and field technicians.

Working with our POEMS system, PointMgr streamlines point-to-point verification and creates the proper documentation for storing the results in POEMS, eliminating the “lost record” problem.

The key functionality of PointMgr is to provide a tool for both SCADA technicians and field technicians to perform a point checkout as required for CRM compliance. PointMgr automatically creates a Compliance Log entry, which is then readily available and easily accessible for audit support and other users in your pipeline operation.

The Point 2 Point verification can be worked on across multiple controller shifts, or even by multiple users at the same time. The verification is available to be worked until it is marked complete.

>We are proud to offer the PointMgr solution to provide even more streamlined, highly functioning capabilities for pipeline managers to efficiently manage remote processes.