Achieve Natural Compliance in Pipeline Control Room Management

We provide solutions for the pipeline control room that enable pipeline operators to address each critical component of the control room. Through our comprehensive approach, your operation will utilize software and systems to improve operational effectiveness, and to naturally create documentation and record keeping that supports compliance with the PHMSA Control Room Management Rule (CRM Rule).

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Control Room Operations

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Facing an upcoming audit? Gain confidence that you are prepared. Learn why Natural Compliance is the key to a successful CRM audit.

Control Room Management

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Managing a Control Room is not easy and never has been. But with Natural Compliance, it just got a little less complicated. You’ll always be ready for a CRM audit.

Control Room Audit Support

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Do you have an upcoming CRM audit? When you’re facing an audit, it’s already too late. You can’t change the past. Our compliance experts can help you be ready for the future with Natural Compliance.

Alarm Management

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Most Alarm Management tools are developed for plants, not control rooms. Our ALMgr module is designed specifically for Natural Compliance in the pipeline control room.

Fatigue Management

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Simplify controller scheduling, HOS deviations, and console workload analysis. All part of Natural Compliance.

Product Scheduling

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Shipper schedules, nominations, and reports — OPACT manages it all with ease.

SCADA Solutions

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Off-the-shelf tools? Reduce cost and implementation time? API 1165 Compliant? Yes. We have you covered.

Leak Detection

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You have an effective LDS system, but does your Leak Detection Program comply with API 1175?  Get in compliance.

The EnerSys Natural Compliance Philosophy

Regulatory compliance is best achieved when it is in the natural outflow of the actions, attitudes, behavior, and culture of your operation. Consider our philosophy to help your operation achieve natural compliance.

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Leverage Our Philosophy


Understand each stakeholder’s responsibility for natural compliance.


Update and align plans, procedures, and policies with PHSMA CRM Rule.


Gather feedback, analyze lessons learned, and document improvement.


Ensure personnel are trained and equipped to perform tasks in a naturally compliant manner.