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Mitigate Fatigue. Support Controller Effectiveness

Fatigue in the control room is a documented contributor to pipeline safety issues. Our goal is to help prevent incidents by providing your operation with valuable tools and resources to support fatigue mitigation.

We believe that operators need to take a holistic approach to fatigue management in order to operate safely and in natural compliance with the PHMSA Control Room Management Rule (CRM Rule). Through our support, operators can implement fatigue mitigation strategies and manage controller workload to ensure controller alertness.

We help answer these questions. Is your fatigue management program complete? Are your managers trained on how to support the program? Are your controllers trained on the effects of fatigue? Gaps in any of these areas could lead to pipeline safety risks, non-conformance with the CRM Rule, fines for your operation, and inefficiencies managing controller workload.

We provide a complete solution to manage HOS deviations, controller scheduling, and workload analysis to optimize your fatigue mitigation program and proactively identify risk areas to support safe operations. Consider the opportunity to achieve positive outcomes from your fatigue mitigation program.

Components of Our Fatigue Management Solution

Hours of Service

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  • Track Hours of Service (HOS) by shift time, controller, or console.
  • Optimize Shift Handover (SHO) between controllers.
  • Account for off-duty time, sleep, travel, and training.

Controller Scheduling

controller scheduling
  • View workload reports and controller activity in real-time.
  • Identify risk areas.
  • Ensure compliance with the CRM Rule.

Workload Analysis

workload analysis
  • Ensure that workload is evenly distributed.
  • Decide when to add additional consoles.
  • Evaluate workload by shift or controller.
  • Use workload data for annual reporting.

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The EnerSys Natural Compliance Philosophy

Regulatory compliance is best achieved when it is in the natural outflow of the actions, attitudes, behavior, and culture of your operation. Consider our philosophy to help your operation achieve natural compliance.

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Leverage Our Philosophy


Understand each stakeholder’s responsibility for natural compliance.


Update and align plans, procedures, and policies with PHSMA CRM Rule.


Gather feedback, analyze lessons learned, and document improvement.


Ensure personnel are trained and equipped to perform tasks in a naturally compliant manner.