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Damage prevention is an important aspect of safety programs in pipeline operations.

A sound damage prevention strategy as part of your pipeline safety program can mitigate risks associated with pipeline ruptures, leaks, or accidents, and ensure pipeline integrity and protect surrounding communities.

Implementing robust damage prevention measures fosters a culture of accountability and diligence within the industry. With our suite of software tools designed for pipeline safety, EnerSys helps operators prioritize damage prevention.

By leveraging Program Suite, operators can proactively identify potential hazards and take preventative actions, enhancing overall safety efforts. These technological solutions streamline communication, facilitate rapid response to threats, and ultimately reinforce the industry’s commitment to safety and environmental awareness.

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The EnerSys Natural Compliance Philosophy

Regulatory compliance is best achieved when it is in the natural outflow of the actions, attitudes, behavior, and culture of your operation. Consider our philosophy to help your operation achieve natural compliance.

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Leverage Our Philosophy


Understand each stakeholder’s responsibility for natural compliance.


Update and align plans, procedures, and policies with PHSMA CRM Rule.


Gather feedback, analyze lessons learned, and document improvement.


Ensure personnel are trained and equipped to perform tasks in a naturally compliant manner.