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Our Approach to Pipeline Safety Management Systems and API RP 1173

Our structured approach to applying PSMS focuses on building a solution tailored to your operation’s existing programs. First, we work to understand your current processes and level of program maturity, building a gap analysis report and assigning a list of action items to key individuals along the way.

By incorporating the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) methodology as part of our process, we ensure that initial implementation is just the first step towards continuous improvement. We use your organization’s policies, procedures, and records as the foundation of what ultimately becomes your updated program. These documents get loaded and linked into our software to help identify policy gaps in regulatory requirements. After establishing a thorough gap analysis, our team of SMEs builds a corrective action plan to help your program reach maturity.

Most importantly, this is a collaborative approach. Our team works with you throughout the process, ensuring that your operation’s culture and priorities are reflected in the established plan.

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The EnerSys Natural Compliance Philosophy

Regulatory compliance is best achieved when it is in the natural outflow of the actions, attitudes, behavior, and culture of your operation. Consider our philosophy to help your operation achieve natural compliance.

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Leverage Our Philosophy


Understand each stakeholder’s responsibility for natural compliance.


Update and align plans, procedures, and policies with PHSMA CRM Rule.


Gather feedback, analyze lessons learned, and document improvement.


Ensure personnel are trained and equipped to perform tasks in a naturally compliant manner.