CRM Suite

How an Integrated Software Suite Will Solve Your Compliance Headaches

No pipeline operator is the same when it comes to the pressing challenges to achieve pipeline safety compliance.

Some operators need support because they are drowning in PHMSA regulatory paperwork. Others are challenged by the latest Team Training requirements for the control room. Still others have systems in place, but scramble to pull together everything needed for the regulatory audit.

Regardless of what is keeping you up at night, the right software tools can ease the compliance burden. Then, once the burden is lifted and operations are stabilized to achieve compliance consistently, you can run your control room with excellence.

5 Software Tools to Cover Each Area of Operations

An integrated software suite will help you reach your goals of ensuring compliance, stabilizing operations, consolidating compliance records, and eventually achieving a high level of operational efficiency and safety in your control room. Consider these five software tools to support overall pipeline safety compliance.

Tool #1: Software to Manage the Control Room

The first tool that you need is software to manage and log critical actions in the control room, as required by the CRM Rule. Specifically, you should be able to streamline controller shift handover and capture appropriate documents for audit purposes.

EnerSys Solution: CRMgr

  • Structured shift handover (SHO) and proper recordkeeping that complies with the CRM Rule as specified in API 1168.
  • Management of operating logs, compliance logs, and shift handover reports.
  • Document repository from Standards, Policy and Procedure
  • Comprehensive and searchable compliance records.

Tool #2: Software for Alarm Management

Alarm management is a critical component of operational safety and compliance. You will not be able to achieve your goals without an optimized software tool to manage the alarm rationalization process, assist controller response to alarms, and generate reports that comply with the CRM Rule.

EnerSys Solution: ALMgr

  • Create alarm response sheets to guide controller response.
  • Reduce alarm frequency, false alarms, and alarm floods.
  • Cut the cost of the alarm rationalization process.
  • Analyze the results of each alarm event to improve efficiency.
  • Produce reports that comply with and exceed the CRM Rule requirements and API 1167.

Tool #3: Software to Mitigate Fatigue Risk

Fatigue mitigation is a big topic of discussion for pipeline operators. The right software tool can help you monitor each controller’s workload, identify fatigue risk from an overworked controller, and produce reports that document your compliance with PHMSA regulations.

EnerSys Solution: FatigueMgr

  • Workload Analysis provides accurate data to analyze each workload by employee or shift and ensure that controllers have adequate time to respond to alarms.
  • HOS Scheduler that schedules controller shift times and takes into account off-duty time, travel time, and training/development time. Identifies deviations for the PHMSA CRM hours of service limitations.

Tool #4: Software for Point to Point Verification

An unreliable method for verifying remote activity could be costly for your operation. However, the right software tool can help you perform point to point verification remotely and create the proper documentation to present to the PHMSA auditor.

EnerSys Solution: PointMgr

  • Eliminates the “lost record” problem relying on pen and paper.
  • Streamlines point-to-point verification and creates related documents.
  • Creates Compliance Log entries to provide to the auditor.

Tool #5: Software for Compliance Support

Finally, you need a software tool that ensures complete compliance throughout your operation. Specifically, you need to be able to identify whether your policies and procedures comply with the latest PHMSA regulations and whether your users are adhering to the Control Room Management Plan (CRMP).

EnerSys Solution: ComplyMgr

  • Traces your procedures to audit protocols.
  • Hosts documents such as the CRMP in one location for easy reference.
  • Links procedures to federal regulations such as API 1168, AI 1755, and API 1165.
  • Simplifies the process of tracking regulatory changes to determine if policies & procedures need to be updated.

POEMS CRM Suite Integrates with Your Operation to Support Compliance

EnerSys developed the POEMS Control Room Management (CRM) Suite to ensure that operators achieve compliance with the CRM Rule. This integrated software suite provides the tools and applications to conform to the rule while integrating with your existing SCADA system.

Once you achieve compliance and stabilize operations using our software tools to manage each area of the control room, you will have the confidence to achieve operational excellence in your pipeline operation.

Our team would appreciate the opportunity to schedule a demo of the CRM Suite or the individual software tools — CRMgr, ALMgr, FatigueMgr, PointMgr, and ComplyMgr — to show you how to achieve pipeline safety compliance in your operation.

To schedule your free, no-obligation demo, please complete our contact form, email our team at, or call us directly at 281-598-7100.