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Streamline Oil and Gas Field Operations Through Software Integration

EnerSys is committed to helping measurement operations realize efficiencies so that you can get more done in less time. We help companies with streamlining oil and gas field operations through dedicated software, the all-in-one Muddy Boots field operations platform.

One way that Muddy Boots can be utilized to streamline routine tasks in the field is by optimizing the connection between the field and pipeline control room.

Pipeline control room managers, especially managers of control rooms regulated by PHMSA, know the importance of strong communications between field technicians and controllers to support safety, compliance, and operations effectiveness.

We have built a software integration for our POEMS CRM Suite that allows field techs to receive requests directly from the control room to their smart device for the work that is to be done in the field.

Muddy Boots-POEMS CRM Suite Integration

The integration between Muddy Boots and the CRM Suite allows control room operators to initiate and track work orders for field operations directly from the control room console.

Field managers and technicians then receive the control room’s alarm investigation requests, work orders, and MOCs directly in Muddy Boots, where the work can be assigned, tracked, or reassigned. Then, field personnel can perform tasks and document the work directly from their smartphone.

In the field, personnel receive new work assignments within Muddy Boots or by email. The control room is then notified about progress on the work orders as the field personnel update the tasks on their smartphone. This will eliminate the wasted effort of playing telephone tag with the control room attempting to verify what should be done.

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Benefits of Our Automation for Oil and Gas Field Operations

When using our software integration, field technicians will have access to everything they need in the palm of their hand to address an alert from the control room, work the request, and submit a response when the work is complete. Consider the benefits:

  • Access to one simple dashboard view to see all of the work that needs to be done.
  • Ability to view notes for each task, providing field techs with clarity about the work.
  • Enhanced communication to allow field techs to respond directly to a control room request, supporting a continuous communication loop.
  • Field techs can resolve each task in the software and provide final updates regarding the resolution of the task.

The entire process – from the initiation of the request to closing out the task – is tracked in the software so that everyone in field operations can view the status and final resolution. Managers can maintain visibility of each field request and field techs can track their work as they address a request from the control room.

We encourage your company to take advantage of the Muddy Boots software integration with the CRM Suite. We will work with you to streamline the connection between field operations and the control room, which will improve efficiency and reduce time spent in the field.

If you have questions or want to set up a discovery call to learn more about Muddy Boots, call us at 281-598-7100 to speak with EnerSys General Manager Ross Adams or VP of Business Development Dale Schafer. You can also contact us via email at or complete our website contact form.

Our tools provide a system to capture “what was done.” This is accomplished through scheduling meter calibrations, creating and recording measurement reports, communicating measurement changes, and documenting regulatory compliance — all in one software platform.

Plus, the software tools can be utilized in the palm of your hand. Techs can perform tasks on their mobile device and measurement supervisors can run the entire measurement operations from a smartphone. It’s a win-win for both parties.