The Importance of Process Management and Tracking Execution

Plan. ICAM. Check. Act.

Tracking processes and execution of tasks is critical because it helps to promote safe and efficient operations, ensures compliance with federal and local regulations, and minimizes the risk of environmental damage. By following the plan do check act (PDCA) cycle, companies can continuously improve their operations and reduce risk.

Benefits of Proper Process Management and Tracking

  • Regulatory compliance
    • Comply with federal and local regulations.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Ensure your processes are followed as planned.
  • Efficient/Effective Operation
    • Processes are executed as designed, optimizing your performance.
  • Safe Operation
    • Tracking and properly executing tasks promotes a safe work environment for all stakeholders.
  • Changing Roles/Staffing
    • Track the HOW for processes to ensure consistent execution despite personnel changes.
  • Clarity Around Expectations of Duties/Roles
    • Operators can work more effectively when they clearly understand their roles and responsibilities.

Where Does ICAM Fit in the PDCA Cycle?

Integrated Compliance Activity Management (ICAM) is a configurable, cloud-based application designed to help organizations with their process management, implementation, and workflows. ICAM provides a consistent, standardized approach to ensure the proper execution of your organization’s Plan.

Simply put: ICAM is the DO. Using ICAM to complete regulatory and operator-specific requirements ensures the DO in PCDA is consistent and methodical. ICAM allows you to build out and fully define all the processes laid out in your Plan – including assignments to those that are responsible for carrying out those tasks or ensuring the overall process is completed. 

Historical documentation through usage of ICAM helps to answer the question: Are you doing what your Plan said you would do?

Combining the two elements of aligning with your plan AND documenting the process execution allows you to ensure the work that you said you would do is indeed being done. 

Key Features of ICAM – Process Management

ICAM is a powerful tool that brings life to the ‘Do’ part of the PDCA cycle. ICAM is highly configurable to your operation’s processes – there’s nothing you do that ICAM can’t track and replicate. 

You’ll be able to evaluate the effectiveness of specific processes and tasks over time. Review process implementation and ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to reduce risk within your organization.

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Review Trends Over Time

A few of the many examples of how ICAM is used for tracking the execution of and monitoring:

  • PAAR (Programs and Activities to Address Risk)
  • Corrective Actions
  • DIMP Cycle
  • Assessment Workflow
  • Public Awareness Communications
  • Audit Tracking

In addition to helping you manage, schedule, and track processes within your organization, it also enables seamless recordkeeping.

ICAM keeps detailed records of the completed processes and tasks. Users can view historical records, including any relevant comments, file attachments, URLs, or user notes. 

The documentation that ICAM generates is essential to maintaining compliance with PHMSA and state regulations.  Additionally, it helps capture HOW a process was completed. Changes in personnel are easier to address when the steps of your processes are captured. If an auditor poses the question ‘What if so-and-so wins the lottery? How will you ensure the next person completes this activity correctly?”, you’ll be able to answer with confidence because you’re capturing completion and the steps necessary for completion.  

Completing processes in ICAM instantaneously generates a record evidencing that the requirement was completed and that it was done in accordance with your operation’s policies. Maintain evidence of compliance simply by doing the work you’re already doing!

ICAM Users Can:

  • Log and Track Activities, Actions, Processes, and MORE to Satisfy Federal Regulations and Requirements
  • Improve Operational Safety
  • Create a Consistent, Dependable Approach to Task and Process Management
  • Enable Future Growth and Optimization – both from creating a standardized approach to task management, as well as creating historical records to use in data analysis and decision making

The data collected through ICAM becomes a tool for continuous improvement within your operation. Digital collection makes it easier to access and analyze the activities that are completed. This data can be aggregated and formatted into reports and dashboards that can help inform operational or financial decisions within your organization. 

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Use the Information from ICAM to Support Continuous Improvement

Custom-Fit Tools

Every organization has a slightly different approach to staying in compliance with regulations –  from varying roles and responsibilities, to geographic and manpower differences. Our tools are built with these nuances in mind. With ICAM, we’ve created a truly configurable tool that can be form fit for your organization. 

Alternative tools may have lists of activities designed to keep your operation in compliance, but ours is the only tool that configures to meet your specific geographic requirements, nuances of roles and responsibilities within your organization, and incorporates your operation’s specific processes and authority levels. 

While some users opt to make these customizations on their own, we also offer our services to build the tool out in the way that will best fit your operation and match what your plan says you are going to do.  

ICAM, I saw, I Conquered

P.I. Confluence offers tools that enable your operation to implement PDCA – specifically, our ICAM tool can help you ensure processes are followed and execution is tracked according to your plan.

Using our tool, you will be able to document that the right person did the right job, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place – and that it was documented to support future analysis.

Your operation can then plan, do, check, and act on the findings to support organizational excellence. This integrated approach will support the culture through the proper execution of the responsibilities detailed in your plans, processes, and procedures. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or demo of our software tools to show you the best approach to process management and task execution.

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