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The POEMS Platform

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The POEMS platform is a suite of applications built upon SQL and is unified through the area of operations data infrastructure. The POEMS platform contains four primary features:

Area of Operations Editor – POEMS is built around an area of operations hierarchy, which can be modified through the platform user interface.

Report Engine – Generates reports and schedules email distribution from each of the other product suites.

Document Library – A single location to store, organize, and view both HTML and PDF documents, including the philosophies and detailed user materials.

User Administration – POEMS uses a group-based, additive security model that supports Microsoft Active Directory. Permissions are applied to groups, to which users are added.

Area of Operations – A Key Concept in POEMS

  • POEMS is built around the concept of components organized into area of operations (AoO) to unify the information in the POEMS product suites.
  • Components in the AoO represent the physical field equipment, such as orifice meters, block valves, control valves, tanks, pressure regulators, pumps, and compressors.

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  • An AoO is a group of components organized to represent an operating skid or station, such as well sites, meter station/skids, valve stations, pumps station/skids, and compressor station/skid.
  • A facility or plant can contain multiple areas of operation.

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