EnerSys Corporation updated our website in 2020 to better reflect pipeline operations support, services, and software

Website Update: Unveiling Our Added Services and Partnerships

EnerSys Corporation recently updated our website to better highlight the available services that we provide to pipeline operators. We also unveiled several partnerships that augment our software capabilities to serve your complete needs in pipeline operations.

We invite you to browse the updated menu of available services at the top of our website to identify how we can best serve your specific needs. Consider the following guide through our updated website.

Added Services to Support Pipeline Operators

Our website now reflects the comprehensive pipeline support services that we offer under the umbrella of our compliance and consulting capabilities.

  • CRM Facilitator: review and update all elements of your Control Room Management Plan (CRMP).
  • CRMP Analysis: gap analysis of your CRMP and measure compliance with the PHMSA audit protocol.
  • Audit Support: full audit support before, during, and after a scheduled PHMSA inspection.
  • Control Room Assessment: provide a report and functional design specification for CRM Rule compliance.
  • SCADA Assessment: analysis of current SCADA assets and set-up, plus create a roadmap of suggested changes.
  • Training: offer workshops, training, and education to improve team capabilities.

Our compliance, consulting, and support services can be selected on an individual basis or a collective basis to deploy in your operation. We are confident that these services will help ensure the integrity of pipeline operations and facilitate change in the control room.

Highlighting Our Partnerships to Extend Software Capabilities

On the software side of our offering to pipeline operators, we also updated our website to better reflect our partnerships with third-parties that support our software delivery.

Intelligent Operator Console (IOC) software: We have strong partnerships with leading companies to support pipeline SCADA and HMI, data collection, and leak detection.

  • Schneider Electric ClearSCADA: Our recommended SCADA platform for pipeline operations.
  • Kepware: Advanced capabilities for Electronic Flow Meter (EFM) data collection support.
  • Rockwell Automation: Advanced automation and control systems for industrial applications.
  • ATMOS International: We partnered with ATMOS to create a training tool on leak detection that emulates the operator’s system through our Advanced Control Room Trainer (ACRT) software.

Also under the IOC umbrella, we offer IOC for Pipeline that provides an advanced, fully-compliant human-machine interface (HMI) for pipeline and midstream operations.

Measurement Quality Assurance: We built a Measurement Quality Assurance program to ensure the reliable and accurate delivery of real-time data.

Our capabilities include Measurement Control Center software for polling measurement devices, Tank2TFX software to import tank data, and a partnership with Kepware to extend your measurement capabilities.

Contact EnerSys Corporation to Discuss Services & Software

In addition to browsing our website to find the services and software that fit your operational activity, we invite you to contact EnerSys to further discuss how we can help.

Our team is readily available to provide educational demos and facilitate conversations with your team. We will help identify how our services and/or software can support your operation as you strive to operate safely, in compliance, and efficiently.

To schedule a demo or call with your team, contact us today through our website, via email at sales@enersyscorp.com, or by calling us at 281-598-7100.