Introducing WLAnalysis to Support Control Room Workload Analysis

EnerSys Corporation has developed a new software tool, WLAnalysis, to help pipeline operators demonstrate workload changes and achieve compliance with the Control Room Management Rule (49 CFR Parts 192 and 195).

WLAnalysis is a feature of the FatigueMgr component of the EnerSys POEMS CRM Suite, an integrated set of software tools that streamlines workflow and recordkeeping in the pipeline control room.

Why Do Operators Need to Support Control Room Workload Analysis?

According to the CRM Rule, pipeline operators are required to analyze workload at least once every 15 months to ensure that controllers have adequate time to respond to alarms.

Workload is often determined as a clipboard activity conducted by a consultant or compliance professional who evaluates the content and volume of activity.

WLAnalysis helps operators take the next step. Changes to controller workload are captured in real-time and documentation is collected to prepare your operation to demonstrate compliance.

How Does WLAnalysis Work Within EnerSys POEMS?

WLAnalysis is configured by defining tasks and default time for those tasks. The POEMS software determines workload by connecting to your operation’s SCADA system and to the logbook through the POEMS API.

Controller activity is fed from the SCADA system and is automatically used to calculate workload analysis. Likewise, controller activity is fed from the logbook. The logbook incorporates an editable, default time for all log entries. For frequent tasks that do not require notes, Quick Log simplifies activity capture.

The FatigueMgr module in the POEMS CRM Suite then calculates workload for each controller log entry, including:

  • Operating Logs
  • Operating Notices
  • Abnormal Operating Conditions
  • Fatigue Mitigation Activities
  • Time Away From Console

The result is the ability to assess each controller’s vigilance time: time available for analyzing the system, retaining situational awareness, and responding to abnormal operating conditions.

WLAnalysis Ideal for Supporting Vigilance Time

Assuring adequate vigilance time is the key goal of WLAnalysis. The software builds on your baseline report to create a real-time understanding of workload and to ensure compliance with the CRM Rule.

Analytical reports provide workload comparison between consoles, shifts, and seasons. This creates a basis for balancing workload to resources. For more detailed analysis, information can be exported to Excel.

Ultimately, WLAnalysis gives pipeline operators and control room managers the ability to:

  • Visualize workload
  • Identify burdensome activity
  • Confirm appropriate efforts to tasks such as fatigue mitigation
  • Ensure appropriate staffing levels

We are currently scheduling educational demos of the new WLAnalysis component of the POEMS CRM Suite FatigueMgr module. To schedule your demo with our team, please complete this dedicated form expressing your interest in utilizing the software.