Russel Treat

Year-End Message from Russel Treat: 2018 Accomplishments and 2019 Goals

Continuous learning is one of the fundamental tenets of our company. Our team is committed to this principle to ensure that we are constantly aware of the challenges for pipeline operators. Then, we use what we learn to pour knowledge into our software and support services. We believe we accomplished that goal throughout 2018.

2018 Accomplishments Supporting Pipeline Operators

– One of our most important accomplishments in 2018 was releasing FatigueMgr, a new software component of the POEMS Control Room Management (CRM) suite. This tool was the product of listening to our customers, healthy collaboration, and leveraging the lessons learned about the industry.

The result for control room managers is the ability to better manage the risks associated with controller fatigue and achieving compliance with the CRM Rule.

– From a compliance standpoint, we are proud that we were able to support three operators with their control room audits. Our CRM Facilitator service ensured that clients were very successful in their audits.

Also, through this process, we were able to gather critical feedback to continue developing our software features and functionality. This will make our audit support even more streamlined to help operators satisfy future audit requests.

Team training was a major topic of discussion in 2018 because of the new CRM Rule requirement. We are proud that we supported one client with the complete creation and implementation of a team training program.

Pipeliners Podcast logo– Our company was named the inaugural sponsor of the Pipeliners Podcast, an industry-leading source of shared knowledge about the pipeline industry. The weekly show is a source of knowledge, information, and lessons learned for every role in the pipeline industry.

Our Goals in 2019 to Support Pipeline Operations

– After releasing FatigueMgr to the market in 2018, we will be officially releasing ComplyMgr as a software tool in our Compliance Management Suite.

ComplyMgr will help regulatory managers achieve alignment between their internal procedures and the external regulations or recommended practices.

– We will be updating our Intelligent Operator Console (IOC) software to continue providing support for advanced human-machine interface. Specifically, we will be working on updating our HMI philosophy and IOC implementation to better support operators.

The reason for the update is to comply with the expected updates to API 1165. I have been honored to participate on the authoring committee that has been tasked with updating the recommended practices to reflect new technology. The update is expected to be released in mid-2019.

– Our teams are brainstorming ways to improve specific features in our CRM Suite, such as Management of Change and Task Management.

– We plan to attend several industry events and conferences, such as the API Pipeline conference, AGA Operations Conference, SGA Gas Conference, and GPA Midstream Convention.

We hope to see you in-person at these events to continue gathering information that we can pour back into our software and services.

– Finally, we are confident that we will continue supporting your operational needs through our software and services. We look forward to working with our current clients and working with new clients who are seeking a software solution to confidently achieve pipeline operations excellence.

To discuss how we can support your operation in 2019 and beyond, please complete our contact form, email us at, or call us directly at 281-598-7100. We look forward to hearing from you.